photo by Leif Carlsson


Our shared vision is the cornerstone of our work and binds us as an international team at Monteverro: producing first-class wines on the Tuscan coast. We firmly believe in the potential of Maremma, and the pure pleasure that a great wine gives motivates us every day in our work in the vineyards and in the cellar - we try hard to achieve our goals, and we do this out of utter conviction, strong ambition and unbridled passion.



Today Monteverro is the joint project of Julia and Georg Weber. Both strive for the best possible quality, maintaining an attention to detail, and never compromising. Together they pursue the vision that one day their wines will be among the most important and most extraordinary in the world.



The day-to-day work in the vineyard and cellar is the responsibility of oenologist Matthieu Taunay who comes from the Loire region and has gained experience in renowned vineyards all over the world from Napa Valley to South Africa, from Châteauneuf du Pape to New Zealand. He has lived in Tuscany ever since the first harvest in 2008 and shares the Webers’ vision of producing first-class wines from southern Maremma.

Manging Director & Head of Sales

Andreas Comploj

Born and raised in the heart of the Dolomites, Andreas Comploj, after his professional training, has gained numerous experiences both in Italy and abroad in the sports and food sector. His passion for quality wine soon led him to hold important positions in renowned Italian wineries. Today, thanks to his many years of experience, he is at the helm of our winery and and leads our national and international sales.



Ideas and experiences from the wide world of wine inspired and enriched Georg Weber right from the start. He focuses on intensive consultation with winemakers such as the Swiss-born Jean Hoefliger who for many years has been at home in the dynamic wine scene of the Napa Valley. Several times a year Michel Rolland, the world’s leading oenologist, also known as “flying winemaker”, visits Monteverro, with which he is closely associated. It was Rolland, who brings tremendous experience particularly in wine-growing near the cost, who first encouraged the young Georg Weber to go for the as yet unknown terroir of southern Maremma.