Our flagship. A true Premier Grand Cru of Maremma, made from the classic Bordeaux grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot and yet with the unmistakable character of the Tuscan coast. An ambitious wine in every respect - the grapes are exclusively from prime locations on our slopes which flow gently to the sea, the wine is aged for about 24 months in barriques from the best coopers (70-80 % new wood) and then for two years in the bottle. This gives it an unparalleled strength and complexity, sophisticated coolness and elegance. Its impressive diversity of bouquets ranging from berries and spicy notes increases year on year.


    Paying homage to the great varieties of vine from the Rhône, Syrah and Grenache and proof that excellent qualities are also produced in southern Tuscany. Expressive, aromatic and yet distinctly elegant, smooth, these are the attributes of our second top-class cuvée. The grapes grow on one of our best slopes, all around a centuries-old cork oak close to the macchia shrubland whose typical aromas of lavender, rosemary and thyme are reflected in the wine. The cuvée from both kinds of Grenache - for freshness and elegance - and Syrah - for fruit, strength and body - makes this complex, deep-flavoured wine an exception in Tuscany.


    Even though the defining stylistic feature of this wine comes from Burgundy, it is 100% Tuscan. The influence of the sea breeze and cool nights make it possible to produce this white wine in selected parcels, which ties in with the great role models with its elegant, silky texture, and its freshness and finesse. It owes its golden yellow colour, complexity and notes of caramel and toasted bread to ageing in barriques and concrete eggs, and its aromas of lemon, pear, quince and pineapple, of almonds and ripe apple to the ideal climatic conditions. As great lovers of Chardonnay, the production of this white wine in small quantities (approx. 5,000 bottles per vintage) is something close to our hearts.


    We like to refer to our Terra di Monteverro as the little brother of our top Monteverro wine because the Terra is produced from the same vine varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, so is also a classic Bordeaux cuvée. It goes without saying that strict selection in the vineyards, harvesting by hand and the utmost care in the cellar are par for the course here. The difference: some of the grapes come from different parcels, even the composition of the cuvée may vary. A wine with an excellent price-performance ratio which even in the early years was quite open and accessible and entices with the aromas of the shrubland as well as fruity notes of cherries and red berries.


    Primarily blended with classic Bordeaux grapes, our Verruzzo – which means small wild boar – is clearly part of the Monteverro and Terra di Monteverro family and shares the same genes. The power and structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon, the aromatics of the Cabernet Franc, the strength of the Syrah and the softness of the Merlot all merge in a red wine full of aromas, Mediterranean character and elegance.


    Vermentino is the white vine variety par excellence of the Tuscan coast, it is used to make fresh, fruity white wines with fine minerality, and with the fragrance of summer grasses and blossoms, quince and pear. For us, our Vermentino, aged exclusively in steel, is an expression of Italy’s joie de vivre - a light, delicate white wine, particularly well suited as an apéritif or to accompany seafood.


    Monteverro grappa is produced from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes grown on our estate. The fresh pomace is gently pressed, then delivered to the distillery within 24 hours, where it is distilled following the traditional single-batch pot still method. The master distiller selects only the “heart,” the essence that displays the most refined aromas. The result of this ancient process is a beautifully-rounded grappa with a rich, multi-layered bouquet of grape pomace, pungent herbs, and spring flowers. Our grappa riserva is aged for 3 years in Monteverro barrels that confers elegance, harmony and complexity.

    Extra virgin olive oil

    The olives for our extravirgin olive oil are grown in our own olive grove in the midst of Monteverro vineyards; its trees, many of which are centuries-old, bear the classic olive varieties of Tuscany: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino. Every operation throughout the year is carried out by hand, including the harvest, in order to preserve intact the olives’ high quality and freshness. As soon as the olives are picked, they are brought to the local press house, where they are pressed at a constant temperature under 27o C. This traditional process ensures an olive oil of top quality, distinctive for its freshness and aromatic qualities.