Authenticity and integrity are extremely important for us. For this reason, every bottle of our Monteverro (beginning with the 2010 vintage), our Tinata (beginning with the 2012 vintage) and our Chardonnay (beginning with the 2013 vintage) will have an authenticity seal, which makes it possible to verify the authenticity of the bottle you purchase.

The authenticity seal is cemented onto the capsule of each Monteverro, Tinata and Chardonnay bottle before it leaves our cellar. First of all, it guarantees the integrity and origin of the wine, since it is impossible to remove the seal without damaging it. Secondly, the seal makes it possible to determine the identity of every bottle.

In addition, beginning with the 2008 vintage, the name MONTEVERRO has been embossed into the glass of every 750ml bottle of our top wine Monteverro.

The seal contains a patented Bubble-Tag (1), a unique combination of tiny bubbles, like a fingerprint, that is linked to an alphanumeric code (2) and QR (3) code.

You simply type in the code on your bottle’s the Bubble Tag:

Or, you can scan the bottle’s QR code with a Smartphone (for example, using the I-nigma, Neoreader, I-Proof apps, etc.).

The Bubble Tag of this bottle ###MONTEVERRO### is the one on the picture right.

Please compare the Bubble Tag on the screen, i.e. shape, size, bubble arrangement with the one on your bottle.
Also check if the seal on the bottle is correctly fixed and does not show any alterations.
If the two Bubble Tags match and the seal is intact thus authenticity of this Monteverro bottle is guaranteed.

If you have doubts on these checks please contact us at or on the phone at +39 0564 890 724.

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If you have doubts on the autentification please contact us at or on the phone at +39 0564 890 724.

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